Chair - Cristen Christensen
Cristen is the Finance Director for St. Louis County in Duluth, Minnesota. She is responsible for managing all the financial operations of the County. St. Louis has been using all modules of FMS since 2004. As Chair, Cristen takes the lead role in organizing and facilitating conference activities and the annual planning meeting with assistance from the board. The Chair position is also responsible for executing contracts and is typically the first point of contact for vendor interaction. This position is elected every three years by a vote from the user group members.
Phone: 218-726-2151

Vice Chair/Treasurer - Loretta Hicks

Loretta is the Chief Accountant for Jefferson County Department of Health in Birmingham, Alabama. She oversees the Accounting, Purchasing and Vital Records departments. Loretta is responsible for the database administration of FMS at JCDH and has been a user since 2012. As Treasurer, Loretta will manage the financial operations of the Mitchell Humphrey User Group. This position is elected every 3 years by a vote from the group members.
Phone: 205-930-1566  


Secretary/Membership Chair - Maria Galarza-Murray

Maria is the Senior Vice President & Corporate Controller for Sentinel Real Estate Corporation in New York, New York. She oversees the corporate accounting department & coordinates the implementation of various financial electronic applications within the finance groups. Maria has been responsible for the database administration of the FMS system since implementation in 2000. As Secretary/Membership Chair, Maria is responsible for keeping the minutes of all meetings and other secretarial duties. In addition, she maintains lists of members and clients using FMS, assists with the planning of the annual conference as well as other board related tasks. This position serves a three-year term. Her term ends September 2021. 
Phone: 212-408-5049

User Group Board Members